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Ever hear about the "$5 Challenge"? It's a challenge to save every $5 bill you get for a year. Most people put them in an envelope or a secret drawer stash somewhere, but I decided I wanted a fancier, more formal depository for my challenge bills. This is a great way to teach and encourage kids (and adults) how to save money. 


The boxes are cut from tempered hardboard with a cool vintage texture on the outside. The lids are cut from various beautiful hardwoods and feature random knob styles with varying colors and shapes. The pics show one example, but the styles and colors of the woods and knobs change as stocks are replenished. Each box will hold a few hundred bills and features a hardwood lid which compresses and flattens the bills to keep them nice! Available in both $5 and $1 Challenge styles. 

$5 Challenge Savings Box

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Made from tempered hardboard and a variety of different hardwoods. Laser cut and engraved decorations. 

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